When you're the son of a mom who played stand up bass in church and a dad who sang baritone in  a quartet and was a builder/developer your trajectory is pretty well determined. When I was a small boy living in Denver after moving from Wichita, my parents would have friends over for a party. I would be summoned from my basement abode and would sing the Peter Paul & Mary hit song, "If I had a Hammer" (in an 8-year old soprano voice.) It would always embarrass me but I would do it because I'm a ham.


As a middle school student, I started playing the Coronet in the school band as well as my prized Les Paul electric guitar after school. My dear friend Mike would haul over his drum set (complete with the notorious Christmas lights in the bass drum for 'psychadelic ambiance') and we would pretend we were the Boys in the Band. We were legends in our own minds.


Well, we have all heard the stories of the stars that were discovered at Whiskey-a-Go-Go or on You Tube or in a diner on Sunset Strip. My beginnings were a little less ostentatious. One day as I was belting out the theme from Woodstock in the shower, my youth pastor Roger (who was teensitting while my parents were out of town) overheard me and told me he wanted me to sing for his Christian group called the T.A.C.T Singers. Let's just say he didn't have to twist my arm. Getting to travel the country with other teenagers (many I'm still friends with today) and do what I loved to do? It was a no-brainer. We traveled the US for four Summers performing many different venues.


I went to Southern Nazarene University in Bethany, Oklahoma and during the school year I sang in the band known as 'Free Soul' where we mainly played gigs around Oklahoma and Kansas on weekends.


I toured our beautiful Country and have performed in 48 states. I was a singer in group called Lost & Found' and commenced a three-month east coast marathon tour with two van loads of thirteen talented musicians. We played almost every night for churches, in high school auditoriums, in door and out door theaters in small town America and even big towns such as Central Park in NYC. 


We rarely got to stay in a hotel, so most of the time we had to rely on the kindness of strangers in each town to put us up. The most unusual place I stayed was in the basement of an Iowa farm house that had a strangely large tub and drain in the floor. I found out later (to my dismay) that this was where they would butcher their pigs! Oy! Needless to say, I learned to adapt.


After the summer tour ended, I returned to Oklahoma, settled down, and got married to my college sweetheart.  We moved back to Denver, I continued doing solo concerts through out the US. But when my firstborn arrived on the scene I put away the travelling shoes and concentrated on being a Dad and businessman, opening up a music store and became a partner in an upscale mens clothier in Boise Idaho.


After a couple of years Colorado wooed me back and I got into the Oil & Gas game as a landman selling drilling funds during the 80's oil and gas boom. As we all remember, the market tanked and it forced me into the best career decision I ever made - Real Estate - which is where I've stayed the past 30 years. I started singing again for local churches as a soloist and in praise bands and have found the perfect balance.


My family has been in the Real Estate and construction business for two generations- Buying, Selling, a licensed Builder, Developing and Consulting as well as earning the (CDPE) Certified Distressed Property Expert designation...I have experience in every aspect of the business from vacant land, REO, Short Sale and Foreclosure marketing and sales, to high end custom homes. No property is too small or too large. My clients have found that my diverse real estate background has served them well. 

I have been described as an active and determined individual, so when I put my mind to something, I always get it done. If you are in the market to buy, sell or build a property, give me a call and allow me to put my 29 years of experience to work for you! Much of my business comes from past clients and referrals. I am at your service.